Integrity is one of the 7 pillars of truth and justice that Don't Eat Any Bugs Productions is committed to so hard you guys.

The other pillars are:
Not Accidentally Embarassing Yourself Like Last Time
Remembering to Feed the Fish
Never Paying Full Retail Price
Excavating Ancient Treasure
Healthy Vitamin C
Always having correct change.

To truly understand the pillars of truth and also justice, we need to take you back in time to tell the story of the founding of our company.

Don't Eat Any Bugs Productions was founded 72 million years ago, during the Cretacious era. Dinosaurs were everywhere, Meteors had big plans, Aztecs and Airplanes hadn't been invented yet, and something very important was happening in what would later form central asia.

A prehistoric insect, nearly a food long and very buzzy, was getting trapped in amber. Amber was the name of a tree, that had thick branches, and lots of syruppy nectar. The amber nugget full of bug was harded and fossilized, and buried underground by a scrappy ovoraptor wearing a fedora, and winking alot. Time passed, and the the fossilized insect was discovered by Benjamin Franklin, who got arround. The Fossil was present at the signing of the Declaration of Independance in Bostimore, 1776, and the signing of the expensive luncheon bill in Paris, 1782. Benjamin loved that thing, and put it under his pillow every night. This confused the tooth fairy deeply, and it's how America's only non-president got his very own face on the hundred dollar bill.

The Lewis and Quark expedition brought the amber nugget west, to Hollywood California, where it had a starring role in several detective movies, including 'Bank Robbers on Ice' 'Car Chases: The Musical' and 'The Maltese Penguin'.

Then 6 other things happened, which were all deemed classified, and hushed up by some government like nobody's business. Shh!

Later, a 12 year old boy-wonder started drawing comic strips when he was supposed to be doing his math homework. Upon the advice of his mother and accountant, that boy did the only logical next step, which was to found a company, give it a weird name, and draw twice as many comic strips while doing half as many math homeworks. Thus, a Publishing Empire was born.

Well, not so much an empire. Don't Eat Any Bugs Productions has published 20 books in the past 10 years. That's a respectable average I guess. Actual publishing companies create dozens of hundreds of books every second, whereas unrespectable publishing companies are covered in mud and beard stubble. We're somewhere inbetween.

And now you know! I don't know what you now know, or whether it's useful, but I have to go make a very important sandwich right now, so if that didn't answer your questions, then you'll probably wonder what I'm talking about permanently.

Goodbye Forever.

--Milton Putrid,
Guy In Charge Of This Sort Of Thing